Hand Washing Stations

Stay Clean Wherever You Go

At Greenhaus Portable Restrooms, we take pride in offering top-quality portable restrooms in Snohomish County, and we highly recommend complementing your rental with one of our convenient hand washing stations. While portable restrooms provide essential sanitation facilities, hand washing stations play a crucial role in promoting hygiene and preventing the spread of illness. Whether you’re at a construction site, attending a festival, or hosting a special event, ensuring access to hand washing facilities is essential for maintaining cleanliness and reducing health risks.

Here’s why our hand washing stations are an invaluable addition to any setting:

1. Sanitized Sink: Our hand washing stations feature sanitized sinks designed to provide a clean and hygienic environment for hand washing. We prioritize cleanliness to ensure that users feel comfortable and confident in the sanitation of our facilities.

2. Working Faucet: Each hand washing station is equipped with a working faucet that delivers a steady stream of water for effective hand washing. Our faucets are designed for ease of use, allowing users to wash their hands thoroughly and efficiently.

3. Running Water: Continuous access to running water ensures that users can rinse away dirt, germs, and contaminants effectively. With our hand washing stations, maintaining hand hygiene becomes a simple and convenient process, promoting health and well-being for everyone.

4. Soap: We provide high-quality soap with each hand washing station, allowing users to lather up and effectively remove bacteria and viruses from their hands. Proper hand washing with soap is one of the most effective methods for preventing the spread of illness and maintaining personal hygiene.

Protect yourself and others from the risk of illness by utilizing our hand washing stations at your next event or work site. Whether you’re enjoying a picnic at the park, attending a concert in a field, or managing food trucks at a business location, our hand washing stations offer a convenient and reliable solution for maintaining cleanliness and promoting public health.

At Greenhaus Portable Restrooms, we are committed to providing the cleanest hand washing stations and portable restrooms in Snohomish County. To explore your options and learn more about our rental services, please contact us at (425) 743-1957. Our dedicated team will be happy to assist you in selecting the right facilities to meet your needs and ensure a safe and hygienic environment for all.